3 Reasons To Choose Engineered Wood Products For Your Construction Project

23 November 2021
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The materials used to construct a building will have a direct impact on the longevity and performance of the building over time.

Lumber is one of the most prevalent materials used in modern construction. Builders and contractors have a wide range of lumber types at their disposal, but few can offer the same benefits as engineered wood products.

1. Engineered Wood Products are Sustainable

Sustainability is a hot issue within the construction industry today. Contractors who want to minimize the negative impact they have on the environment can benefit from the use of engineered wood products.

These unique types of wood are engineered from the waste materials that are created when traditional lumber is cut. Lumber waste would just be burned or thrown away without the demand for engineered wood.

By using all parts of the tree to produce wood products that can be used in construction, engineered wood helps to reduce the number of trees that are harvested for lumber each year.

2. Engineered Wood Products are Strong

Strength is a major concern when it comes to selecting construction materials. Contractors want to ensure that the materials they use are strong enough to both meet building codes and withstand the test of time.

Traditional lumber can be strong, but engineered wood products will always be stronger.

The natural knots and cavities that develop as a tree grows have the potential to weaken a piece of lumber. Engineered wood products are created by using durable adhesives to join together wood waste into a solid surface.

The addition of these adhesives helps to strengthen engineered wood products to ensure that they will not fail.

3. Engineered Wood Products Can be Customized

The design of a building is often limited by the types of materials that can be sourced throughout the construction process. Engineered wood products provide contractors with the ability to order custom materials that are made to accommodate any type of architectural design.

The length of traditional lumber planks, beams, and sheets is limited by the size of the trees from which these materials are cut. Since engineered wood products are man-made, they come in any length a contractor desires.

Contractors can also request that their engineered wood products be customized with special adhesives that make the wood waterproof, insect-proof, and resistant to rot and mold.

Take advantage of the benefits engineered wood products offer the next time you need to source materials for a construction project. 

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