Three Steps Controlling Your Own Office Heating In A Shared High-Rise Building

11 October 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Renting office space inside of a downtown high-rise can give you a good business address, prime real estate, and an easy access for the workplace for employees. Being inside of a business high-rise office suite that is located in a prime area also makes it easy for vendors and customers to find and get to your location for services. One of the low points of being in a beautiful office high-rise is the fact that there is often a shared commercial heating system. Here is how you can set up the ability to control your own office suite temperature in order to keep your office more comfortable.

Install a ductless system

Many high-rise office spaces will have a common heating and cooling system that will be used for the entire building. This means when the heating is on or the cold air is on, it will flow through the entire system. In order to be able to combat the possible issue of your office being too hot or cold, you should get a ductless unit installed in your office. A commercial HVAC professional can install the unit and make sure it is possible to remove when you leave. This ductless unit will allow you to control the hot or cold air and temperature on your own unit. 

Install ceiling fans

If you want to keep your office clear of floor fans that can look unprofessional and take up floor space, consider installing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can often be installed in the spaces where there are light hookups in the ceiling. Installing ceiling fans can help to distribute air throughout the office space as well as keep the temperature down. These will also be quiet so that your employees and clients will not be distracted by the noise from an AC unit when it is unnecessary. 

Set up blackout curtains

One of the best features of a high-rise building is the scenic view and the amount of light that can filter through the wall to wall windows. This can also be one of the worst features during the summertime when you have limited temperature control. Install blackout curtains that are on a track. This will allow you and your office staff to easily close or open the curtains in order to filter the light and the temperature. Having the curtains installed on a track means that they will take a few seconds to close, plus the heavy blackout curtain can be replaced with a sheer curtain during the winter months when you want more sun and heat.

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