Your Guide To Transitioning Fabricated Sheet Metal Into Stylish Home Features

1 May 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Whether you go out and by sheet metal from the local steel fabricator in your area or you already have some metal hanging around from a previous project, you should definitely take some time to consider what you could create for your home. From a thin sheet of stainless steel to a heavy-gauged piece of copper sheeting, these metal materials can be used to create some pretty amazing home design features. Here are a few that you will definitely want to take into consideration.

Galvanized Steel Sheeting for Shower and Tub Surround

The wavy texture of galvanized steel sheeting makes it the perfect feature in a rustic-styled bathroom or even a modernly chic space. The steel sheets can be situated in place around the tub to create a perfectly waterproof barrier between the drywall and shower. Best of all, the steel panels are often pre-drilled with holes for fasteners and will not rust or tarnish with age. Even though this type of fabricated metal is traditionally used on barn exteriors or the roofs of outdoor buildings, you will be quite surprised to see how well it works on the inside of your home as well.

Copper Back-Splash for the Kitchen

If you want to take your kitchen from dull to delightful, try adding an eye-catching back-splash between the cabinets and counter made with copper sheet metal. Many of the more modern sheets of fabricated copper are coated with a thin layer of ionizer to prevent tarnishing  and discoloration over time. However, the natural change in color tones can be a unique design characteristic as well. The copper can be detailed with indentions or etched with a design of your choosing by stopping in at a metal fabrication shop that offers metal stamping. Copper is easy to clean, moisture resistant, and highly durable.

Stainless Steel Counter Covering

You may not want to completely replace your countertop, but you would definitely like to have a more modern and easy-to-clean surface. What you probably do not know is that countertops can often be covered with sheets of metal to create a sturdy top that offers you the surface you want. This metal-enveloping option is much less expensive than replacing the counter altogether.

With a little creative thinking and ingenuity, you can easily put metal to work in your home. Be sure to talk to a metal fabricator like Simko Industrial Fabricators in your area to find out what other homeowners are doing with metal in their homes.