Three Situations Where You Would Want To Rent A Dumpster For A Short Time

6 January 2015
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There are certain instances where renting a dumpster makes a lot of sense. While you could go around town and look for other dumpsters with space for your trash, that method comes with its own set of problems. First and foremost is the amount of time it takes. Second is that people aren't always excited to have you taking up their dumpster space. Instead of sneaking around town with piles of trash in your vehicle, consider renting a dumpster for a short time instead. Here are a few instances where it makes sense to use a dumpster rental service for a short time:


Construction projects can quickly create a lot of detritus and debris that can make your building look terrible. Instead of letting it pile up as you try and deal with it one small pile at a time, you can rent a large construction dumpster. This will allow you to put in all the trash that you need, and it can also be picked up on an irregular basis. As a result, you don't have to have a lot of trash sitting around waiting to be picked up and your building will stay in clean working order even while you are remodeling or expanding.

Special Fundraising Events

Special fundraising events like a golf tournament or debutante balls can be a boon for your organization. These events can also create an extraordinary amount of garbage as you take care of swag bags, signage, packaging, food, and other necessities. Consider making a short term rental of a dumpster in order to take care of the immediate trash issue. Once the event is over, you can send the dumpster back almost immediately. This helps you to keep your overall costs and inconvenience down for your event.

Holiday Parties

When you hold a holiday party for your clients, you can be left with a lot of decorations, packaging, and other leftovers. These can be a significant strain on your existing trash facilities. These issues can be quickly remedied with a short term holiday dumpster rental. Because so much of your waste will be organic, consider renting a special dumpster that you can fill with green waste from trees, branches, and other assorted Christmas decorations. That way you will be able to help the planet while solving your trash problem at the same time.

The next time that you run into a situation where you need extra trash space for a short time, rent a dumpster to take care of that extra garbage so that you no longer have to worry about it.