4 Reasons To Install Automated Robotic Assembly Line Systems

21 May 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you want to automate an assembly line, then automated robots give you a range of useful benefits. What are they?

1. Reduce Assembly Line Errors

Once you program a robotic assembly line unit to do a job, the robot takes over. It can carry out individual or sequential tasks in the same way and with the right amount of precision every time. This system eliminates human error on your line. If you use people to do these jobs, then they might not get it right 100% of the time.

Even experienced and trained assembly line staff can get distracted. They will make the occasional mistake. Fortunately, a robot works at the same pace all the time and doesn't lose focus. It does the same task or tasks repetitively to the same standard. As such, your line errors will reduce.

2. Increase Production Speed

Skilled assembly line personnel can work quickly. However, they can't sustain a high pace of working indefinitely. They will tire as a shift progresses, and their production capacities will decrease during the work day.

Fortunately, a robotic assembly line unit can typically work faster than a human, especially on complex or precision tasks. Robotic arms don't tire. As a result, they work as quickly at the end of a shift as they did at the beginning and don't need to take breaks. Because of this, production times will speed up and you could get more work done on the line during every shift.

3. Meet Hygiene Conditions

If you produce goods or products that have specific hygiene needs, such as medical supplies, then you have to take extra care to create a clean and hygienic assembly line. If you use manual labor here, then you might find it hard to keep everything clean.

For example, you might have to fit your people out in appropriate protective equipment that prevents them from transferring anything onto your products. They can't necessarily touch the parts they work on without wearing gloves, for example.

However, if you use a robotic assembly line, then your product hygiene becomes much more controllable. That's because robotic assembly won't shed hair, skin, or oil as they work.

4. Get a Flexible Solution

If you run a semi-automatic assembly line, then you might run into problems if your product line changes. The line might not be able to work on different jobs without some adaptations.

Robotic systems are usually more flexible. You can change the way the system works by adapting its program. This also allows you to use a line for different products if you need to.

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