Troubleshooting The Most Common Air Compressor Problems

27 January 2017
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Facing air compressor problems can be a real hassle, especially when you're relying on your air compressor for an important task. Not to mention, air compressor repairs can sometimes be very expensive and involved. The good news is that for most air compressor issues, a little troubleshooting can go a long way and could even prevent you from needing to hire a professional for repair.

If the Compressor Won't Power On

A compressor that won't power on at all can obviously be a bit worrying. Aside from checking to make sure the compressor has power, however, you should also take the time to remove any extension cables, as these draw additional amperage that can overload a circuit easily. If that doesn't help, check the circuit you've plugged the compressor into to ensure that it has enough amperage to power the compressor itself. If not, you'll need to connect to a more powerful circuit.

If the Compressor Is Running Too Hot

A compressor that runs too hot can be a serious hazard, so be sure to keep an eye on gauges at all times while the compressor is in use. If it seems to be running too hot, the problem may be its location. Check to make sure the compressor is placed in a well ventilated environment. A lack of ventilation can easily cause it to overheat. Also, be aware of the compressor's duty cycle and never push it past its limits.

If the Compressor Is Slowing Down or Seizing

If it seems like your compressor is struggling or otherwise having trouble keeping up, check to ensure that the compressor itself has enough clean oil for lubrication. Otherwise, this can make it difficult for the moving parts of the machine to operate smoothly. Adding oil or changing out older oil could be the best solution here.

If the Compressor Keeps Tripping a Breaker

Finally, if your compressor keeps tripping the breaker, start by unplugging any additional appliances that may be connected to the circuit itself. If that doesn't do the trick, there's a chance that the breaker or circuit itself may not be powerful enough to handle the compressor. It may be necessary to change circuits or switch to a compressor that requires less amperage to run.

Take these troubleshooting steps the next time you run into an unexpected air compressor problem; you just might save yourself the cost of a professional repair. For more information, visit sites like