Need A Dumpster? What To Know

2 October 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you need to have a dumpster from a company like Dibussolo Container Service dropped off at your house or on a property for a construction project, you need to make sure you know what you're getting when the unit arrives. There are different rules and regulations with different companies, and you want to protect yourself at the property owner or the contractor heading the project. Here are a few different things to consider before you get the unit delivered.

Get the Exact List of Restrictions

You can get hit with a lot of extra fees and even have legal problems if you put unpermitted items in the dumpster. There could be a variety of restrictions that prevent you from dumping glass, liquids, electronics or other items in the bin, and you want to know before you start to fill the dumpster.

Post a No Dumping or Trespassing Sign

People may go digging in your dumpster because they hope to find scrap metal or other items that could be of value. When this happens, they could get hurt and try to sue you or get compensation for their injuries. You should post a no trespassing sign to prevent people from coming into your yard, and so you have legal proof you asked people to stay out.

A no dumping sign will warn people not to put their trash in your dumpster, and you may have to take legal action if you find someone putting their trash in your bin. You want to make sure you are covered in every legal aspect.

Know the Time Limit

If the contract says 4 days, know exactly what time the unit should be picked up, and call and schedule to have the company come get the unit. You don't want them to wait for you to call, and then charge you for additional days when you didn't need the unit and it was ready to go. You should know your time limitations and it should be documented on the contract.

There are a lot of responsibilities when you are leasing a unit because you don't know what people may try to put in the unit after hours after your crews are gone, or when you aren't around the dumpster. Ask the dumpster rental company when you get a quote if there are any covers or lids you can get to go over the top of the dumpster, to make it less easy for people to put things in or take things out.