Important Information For Homeowners Considering Outdoor Digging

29 June 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Some homeowners like to dig their own swimming pools while some prefer to dig their own wells or sewer drain lines. Maybe you are thinking about digging a new septic tank. Even if you are thinking about pouring a concrete pathway through your front yard, and if you plan to dig out an area to pour it, you will need to call for making sure no utility cables and lines are buried where you plan to dig. No matter if you are digging to plant a small, sapling tree in your front yard, always make sure you contact utility professionals before doing so. Find out what could happen if you decide to dig without first calling the professionals to locate underground utilities.

Underground Electrical Lines Can Be Deadly

If you happen to hit a line with the hoe of a small lawn tractor, you could easily suffer deadly electrocution. Your tractor would act as an electrical conductor. Never dig even when you think it will only be a little bit of earth moved. One scoop into the ground could be the one that hit the underground power lines going to your house, with you possibly being electrocuted.

And Then There Are The Natural Gas Lines To Worry About...

If you are digging a hole for your mailbox and you hit a natural gas line, you may not live to tell about it. In fact, several people in the general vicinity may not live to tell about it. If you hit a natural gas line while digging, you should know that a small pebble rolling into a gas line could create enough static electricity to cause an explosion in a live line. Consider the explosion the boom on your yard tractor would create. Having skilled, professional locators come to your property for locating underground lines is extremely important to your safety and to the safety of your neighbors as well.

You Can Have Several Marked Locations In A Short Time

Most people that dig before calling do so because they are in a rush to get finished. If this sounds like you, keep in mind that locators do not stay long and have tools using advanced technology. You can have the markers you need for staying safe in no time. The small amount of time out of your project for locating underground utility lines and gas lines is well worth it. You may also learn a lot more about your project and about any changes that will need to be made to avoid hitting lines and pipes. Contact a company like 1st Call Locating for more information.