Addressing Two Questions About Problems With Your Washing Machine And Dryer

6 April 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Your washer and dryer can dramatically reduce the work you need to do, and improve the comfort of your home. However, these devices are not immune to mechanical malfunctions, and when these problems arise, they can be extremely disruptive to your home. Below are some answers to some questions you might have about common dryer and washing machine problems. 

How Can You Tell If There Is A Problem With The Heating Element On Your Dryer?

One of the most common problems that dryers will encounter relates to the heating element. This is the component that is responsible for generating the heat needed to rapidly dry your clothes. Sadly, a faulty heating element can be a difficult thing to repair. If it is not done perfectly, it can lead to major damages to the dryer and a fire risk for your home. 

Fortunately, the signs of a faulty heating element are relatively simple to notice. An inability of your dryer to dry your clothing in a timely fashion is one of the most common warning signs for this problem. Also, you may notice that the dryer is too hot for you to comfortably touch, which also suggests a problem with the heating element. If you notice either of these problems, you should have a professional come and inspect your dryer as soon as possible. 

What Should You Do For A Washing Machine That Leaks?

Your washing machine is a surprisingly complex device that has many different components that must be functioning to work as planned. One issue that washing machines may encounter is the development of minor or major leaks. 

When your washing machine develops a leak, it can spill enough water to rot the floorboards or walls near the washer, which may cause severe structural problems for your house. Fortunately, this problem is often corrected by simply tightening the connections in the back of the washer or replacing the seals that are found near these connections. If this is unable to correct the problem, there may be a puncture in the washing machine, which will require the use of a special kit to repair the source of the leak. 

 By understanding the signs of a faulty heating element and what to do about a leaking washing machine, you should be in a strong position to keep your home safe from the effects of routine appliance failures. Visit a local appliance repair company like Roia Appliance for more information.